On the market today, most companies want to improve customer efficiency from promoting their brand’s image through social networking sites, advertising signs or using decals with information on the company’s glass or on the car windows to help advertise their brand image, meet the needs of consumers, but most of them don’t know about it.

What is glass decal?

Window glass decals are usually a combination of graphics, letters and images made from vinyl material with a layer of glue that helps the decal stick firmly on the glass without falling off easily.
Window decals are often referred to as vinyl stickers or window graphics and can be applied to windows or glass inside or outside depending on the material of the decal used to suit the environment.
With the help of an imaging company like An Phat, you can create a design, print it on vinyl sheets, and stick them on any glass surface you want it to display. They are perfect for storefronts, offices and vehicles.
In decal
In decal dán kính văn phòng giá rẻ
Although the adhesive is strong enough to withstand changes in weather and temperature, vinyl decals are relatively easy to remove from the surface of the glass.
The durability of them choosing to use is a great thing to promote brand image long term or just temporary is possible. Window decals are pocket-friendly for customers, making them a projection screen that promotes brand image. With specialized tools used for the job, the decal won’t damage your glass and you’ll be able to reapply new graphics in no time.

Types of decals used today:

Types of decals commonly used

 PP decals:

  • It is a type with a relatively low cost compared to other decals
  • Often used as public signs such as: names of departments, letters, used to cut pictures.
  • The disadvantage of this type is that it is not transparent like other types, because it is made from PP paper material.

Matte decal:

  • As a composite material from many different materials, the material that makes up the majority of this decal is the pony vinyl material that makes up
  • The thickness of this material is usually 0.1 mm .
  • Coated with an vinyl adhesive, with a non-stick coating.
  • The name of this decal material is matte sand decal
  • The advantage of this type is that it can protect and prevent dirt from sticking and blocking the eyes of others.
  • The content is usually written as letters, the information of that brand

Reflective decals

Types of decals commonly used
Types of decals commonly used
These materials are often constructed with a zinc, aluminum, or other metal surface that helps their surface reflect light when it hits it directly.
  • Reflective ability is good, thanks to that, reflective decals have very good signaling properties
  • The durability of the reflective decal is very high, and it can be used for a long time even under outdoor weather conditions.
  • Decals come in many colors. Each color has a separate reflectivity and angle of incidence.
  •  Easy to use, no need to get wet. Just peel off the adhesive and use it.
  •  Has good adhesion and is durable.
  • Easy to use, just remove the non-stick paper and can be used easily.
Grid decal:
  • Often used to print advertising images on cars or on computers
  • Helps create beautiful effects
  • The material is usually transparent.
  • The decal’s braid is high

Steps to apply decal properly

Types of decals commonly used
Types of decals commonly used

Step 1:

You should clean the place you need to paste, so that the decal can stick better.
Step 2:
Put the decal in the position you want to paste and then use two wall pieces to help keep the decal in place, if you don’t have tape to fix it, peel off the white cover to stick the decal on the wall, you have to align the 4 corners then paste it!.
Step 3:
You have finished removing the non-stick paper on the back, then continue to remove the front transfer tape to make it easier to see and more beautiful.

 Uses of glass decal stickers

Types of decals commonly used
Types of decals commonly used
Glass decal has the following advantages:
  • Helps you to obscure unwanted designs, minimize the view from the outside in or from the inside to the outside.
  • Used to glue office glass to help promote the brand and information to customers.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to install.

Why you should choose to make a sign in An Phat

An Phat was established with many years of experience in the field of advertising sign design, which is appreciated by many customers as a place with good service quality, prestigious product quality, professional design staff. , craftsman on the field of professional advertising.
Glass Decal
You do not need to go to the company, you can call directly and be consulted and you are consulted by the design staff and given ideas to suit your brand, or can be based on designs that you have selected in advance.
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