Making advertising model signs is a popular need to gradually replace traditional shaped signs. Signs in the style of 2D or 3D models bring something new. It attracts curious attention and achieves high efficiency in advertising.
Let’s find out the popular types of sign making models with Nguyen Long Advertising in this article!
Indoor signboard

Types of advertising signs

Signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and prices. In general, billboards are the most popular form of communication today. Signboards are an economical form of advertising compared to other types of media advertising.
Most of the business individuals or businesses that want to promote their products to a large number of customers use signs.
The information content displayed on the billboard will usually be very brief. It includes an image or company logo to attract viewers’ attention.
Strategies for marketing and promoting products on billboards are popularized.
Making signs with cheap advertising models in Ho Chi Minh City
Led Neon Signboard

Make a signboard with a stainless steel logo model

Signs are usually made of stainless steel. This material is often used in advertising billboards. And besides the cheap price, the billboard also has many colors to choose from. Inox makes the billboard content more diverse and attractive.
Floating signboard
In addition, instead of making a large board, people have selected each piece of content and removed the background from the design. The perfect choice for content is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a material with many outstanding properties.
Stainless steel is a recyclable alloy. The durability of stainless steel is quite high. With stainless properties, shiny colors, stainless steel appliances are easy to clean and sanitize. At the same time, it also helps to increase the aesthetics and cleanliness of the equipment.
Floating Signboard
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Make a model neon sign

LED Neon Sign board is a widely used and popular form of advertising today. The neon board is vibrantly youthful and modern. With the advent of led neon sign billboards, it has many outstanding advantages.
Therefore, led neon sign is the most commonly used means of decorating young places. LED neon sign board can be used both indoor and outdoor. It has high aesthetics and the ability to attract large customers.
Making signs with cheap advertising models in Ho Chi Minh City
Custom Led Neon Signboard
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Make a signboard model light box

Light box model products are quite popular. Light boxes are designed on request in 2D and 3D forms, which are popular with customers.
The types of light boxes that are most interested by customers today are as follows:
  • Light box for milk tea cups: with the increasing import of milk tea products, ancillary products are also of great interest to customers.
The peach-shaped advertising model is very eye-catching and attractive to customers
  • Floating light box: is a common light box. It is very commonly used. Made from materials such as mica, profile aluminum, .. So the light box is very durable.

Floating light boxes are made with many different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of users.

Floating mica light box
Mica light box
Mica light box
Mica light box
Mica light box
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Make a standee model signboard

An Phat Standee
Standee is a form of advertising that is considered very economical. Standee has a compact and flexible design, easy to move and replace when needed. Modern printing technology for good display images, diverse designs.
Standee easily communicates information to customers quickly.
An Phat Standee
An Phat Standee
An Phat Standee
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Making advertising model signs at Nguyen Long Advertising

Nguyen Long Advertising is an enterprise specializing in the design and construction of advertising signs in Ho Chi Minh City and throughout the southern provinces.
The products of Nguyen Long Advertising, when completed, will need customer recognition. We will guarantee the product for 12 months or according to the commitment of Nguyen Long Advertising to customers.
An Phat Standee
Nguyen Long Advertising specializes in making signs with cheap advertising models in Ho Chi Minh City with 12 months warranty. In addition, we also provide decoration and sign making services. Signboard provided by Nguyen Long Idea, manufactured with high quality. Wide range of designs, materials and sizes.
Our services are cheap, accept all services in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City.
An Phat Standee
In addition, Nguyen Long Idea also specializes in providing services, manufacturing and designing products in the advertising industry such as:
+ Making signs, billboards, light boxes as required.
+ Making led board, led matrix, fluorescent board, neon sign.
+ Engraving seals, printing canvas designs, menus, wedding cards.
+ CNC cutting, Laser mica, alu, wood, …
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