Making outdoor signs are very important so customers need note 7 things as follow:
Notes on making outdoor signs you need to know

1. Pay attention to the regulations on making signs

When making signs, customers need to know the regulations. Customers need to pay attention to a few basic things as follows:
  • About the size of signs: For horizontal signs, the maximum height is 2 meters, the length does not exceed the width of the front of the house. For vertical signs, the maximum width is 1 meter, the maximum height is 4 meters but must not exceed the height of the floor where the sign is located.
  • About content: In advertising products, there must be content expressed in Vietnamese, except for the cases specified in regulations.
  • In case both Vietnamese and foreign languages ​​are used on the same advertising product, the foreign font size must not exceed three-quarters of the Vietnamese font size and must be placed below the Vietnamese word;
  • When broadcasting on radio, television or on audio-visual media, Vietnamese must be read before foreign languages.
  •  The signboard must have the following contents: name of the direct managing agency (if any), name of the production and business establishment in accordance with the business registration certificate, address, and phone number.

Notes on making outdoor signs you need to know

Note making signs
We’ve outlined a few basics when it comes to outdoor signs. Customers when making signs need to learn deeply about the regulations to avoid unnecessary problems.
Notes on making outdoor signs you need to know
Outdoor Signboard
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2. Note the type of outdoor sign to make

There are quite a few types of outdoor signs in use today. With each type of sign is created with a specific purpose and advantages. With Alu signboard, this material is often used in the background, billboard frames then also use decals to make billboard content.
And besides the cheap price, the billboard also has many colors to choose from to make the billboard content more diverse and attractive.
Outdoor Signboard
Hiflex tarpaulin billboard is one of the materials for printing and making billboards. And one of the reasons why it is so popular is because it is a cheap billboard. Besides, billboards are not limited in color, suitable printing size.
Cheap advertising billboards fomex, also known as format, is a form of foam sheet that is compressed with high temperature.
And used in billboards, this material will play as the background of the billboard and then paste the decorative images.
There are also many other types of signs to suit the needs of customers. Contact us now for more useful information!
Notes on making outdoor signs you need to know
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3. Note to suit your needs

Choose the right type of outdoor sign for your business. That is the most frequently asked question when customers come to Nguyen Long Signboard for consultation.
Currently, with each field, with business, there are a few distinct elements. These elements are often expressed through signs. Commercial business is growing, so that the increasing demand for advertising signs.
Therefore, the making of advertising outdoor signs to compete and attract customers is increasing. With hundreds of industries and fields of business making extremely diverse signs.
High-class service industries need beautiful and luxurious signs. Services that need to be youthful and new need to use signs with novel materials and eye-catching effects.
Signboards show the essentials that customers need. Advertising outdoor signs are often used for companies, shops, hotels, services, workshops, factories, offices, agents, distributors, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, etc.
Types of advertising signs by industry or service.
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4. Note about material and quality

Materials for making signs are very diverse and are mainly selected and coordinated by the advertiser. From there, create your own into a type of signboard with its own material. In general, the signboard material needs to have the following elements:
  • The materials are suitable and have the right use for the intended use.
  • The material is durable and suitable for use
  • Materials have reasonable prices for customers
  • Material is easy to use, safe.
Depending on the type of signboard, choose the appropriate material. Need clear advice from the construction side before making the sign.
Notes for outdoors signboard
Advertising Nguyen Long always implements every step of the process in production and construction to ensure that every project that Nguyen Long Advertising performs is always of good quality.
Led neon signboard
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5. Note about the price

Signage cost is a major issue. Do not choose a sign that is too expensive compared to the business profit earned.
If you are looking for a facility that will help you get the best signs at the best prices, let’s find Nguyen Long Sign. Nguyen Long signboard is one of the advertising sign making units and is highly appreciated by customers.
With many years of experience in the field of billboard advertising. Nguyen Long signboard has been increasingly asserting its position in the market.
The price of the signboard depends on the actual quantity. Another part is the construction area and the difficulty of the work. Please contact Nguyen Long directly for a specific price list.
We are willing to come directly to the construction site to measure, survey, take pictures and make perspective (design drawings) for your project. These activities are completely free of charge.
Making signs is a necessity for businesses today. The making of the understanding sheet needs to be guaranteed in terms of quality, price and schedule. With Nguyen Long Advertising, we always meet those requirements in the best way.
Notes on making outdoor signs you need to know
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6. Note the accompanying services

The company’s policies and the provisions in the contract of Nguyen Long Advertising always ensure the best interests of customers. We always do what we promise and always create trust from our customers.


Standee on request – Note to make outdoor signs you need to know
A great advantage when making outdoor signs at Nguyen Long Advertising is the accompanying services. Nguyen Long Advertising meets a variety of products and services such as:
  • Repair and maintenance of signs
  • Repair of equipment related to signs
  • Sign cleaning service
  • Sign removal service
With some of these services, customers don’t need to worry about future customer sign problems.
Led Neon Sign

7. Note about the sign-making partner base

Nguyen Long Signboard is an establishment specializing in making all kinds of advertising signs. With nearly 10 years of experience, we have successfully completed large and small projects in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces. Signboard Nguyen Long provides a full range of products and services to meet the needs of customers.
With each product, Nguyen Long Signboard confidently gives 12 months of warranty.
Mica Signboard
Regarding the price, Nguyen Long Advertising is confident with the best price because Nguyen Long Advertising is a specialized manufacturing facility. In addition, Nguyen Long Advertising has a source of original price.
Therefore, the products when making outdoor signs at Nguyen Long Advertising have better prices.


Making quality signs at Nguyen Long Advertising
Nguyen Long Advertising specializes in making quality signs. In addition, we also provide decoration and sign making services. Signboards supplied by Nguyen Long Idea, manufactured with high quality, diverse in shape, design, material and size. Our services are cheap, accept all services in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City.
In addition, Nguyen Long Idea also specializes in providing services, manufacturing and designing products in the advertising industry such as:
+ Making outdoor signs, billboards, light boxes as required.
+ Making led board, led matrix, fluorescent board, neon sign.
+ Engraving seals, printing canvas designs, menu, wedding cards.
+ CNC cutting, Laser mica, alu, wood, …
Contact via Facebook Signboard Nguyen Long.
7 notes on making outdoor signs you need to know
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