A signboard is one of the basic and necessary elements to help consumers identify a business and its products. A beautiful and quality signboard will influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. Because it allows the company to market and advertise your products and services. So what is a signboard, what is the use of a signboard,…
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Beautiful Gin & Juice advertising board template

1. What is a signboard?

The signboard is likened to the face of the company, is the sign placed in front of the store, the company or on the way, to attract the attention of passersby and promote the company such as the name of the store, company, business field, address,…

Nowadays, there are many different types of signs such as outdoor signs, LED signs, Hiflex signs, electronic signs, stainless steel signs,…

2. Importance of signs


Coffee Signboard
First and foremost, in the digital age, branding is more important than ever. Through the signboard, the company can create a lasting image in the customer’s mind about what the company name is, the products/services the company provides,…

Marketing and Cost Effective

Signboard marketing is a smart way of marketing. Consumers are drawn to color and size as soon as they see a company sign. The color of the signboard is really important to achieve an emotional response. Red can elicit excitement or anger, blue is calm, purple is regal or royal. Instead of marketing with bus ads, flyers, and other methods, signboard marketing helps cut the budget but also shorten the time to reach consumers.

Reflect the quality of business

Extremely beautiful LED neon sign sign model
Extremely beautiful LED neon sign sign model
Signboards express the unique style of a company. And style of a company almost depends on the owner. In business, the owner of the company is the one who takes care of from the design, the external structure inside the company to the way the tables and chairs are placed. If the sign is not neat, consumers will think that the company is not professional enough and perhaps the products and services inside are not of good quality. Consumers will not use the company’s products/services anymore.
Customer is god. Because of this mindset, customers often judge “a book by its cover”. Eye-catching signage is a plus point for them.

Competitive advantage

Cheap stainless steel embossed signboard model
Cheap stainless steel embossed signboard model
Signboards also increase the competitive advantage between the two. For example: Between two businesses selling the same product, the service quality is equally good, consumers are likely to choose to buy the product of the business with a better sign. This shows that this business is more professional than the other and consumers will also feel dedicated to their work and profession.
Marketing is an important job because it helps to inform consumers directly the basic information about the business.

3. Notes

Women's Braille Signboard Template
Women’s Braille Signboard Template
In order to successfully design a sign to attract customers, it is not only based on color and eye-catching appearance, but when designing, designers need to keep the following points in mind:
  • Clarity: A sign must provide concise, clear and accurate information about the company name, address, product information.
  • Simplicity: Information in the signboard has to be simple, so that the customer can be easier to understand, avoids getting confused.
  • Headline writing: Use a content hierarchy like Title, Explanation, Conclusion.
  • Must have a call to action: When consumers look at the sign, they must take a specific action because the sign is an advertisement. In that time, the signboard becomes a right signboard.

4. Things to know about our signs

We are An Phat Advertising Design Co., Ltd. We specialize in the construction of signs on demand at low prices in Ho Chi Minh City. Construction and installation on site, eye-catching designs and in accordance with customer requirements.
We used to have a lot of experiences in installing for many Korean restaurants in District 7, Thu Duc District, …
Here are some of our projects:
Pocha Sea – 28, 6th street, R13, Hung Vuong 2 Apartment Building, Tan Phong ward, District 7
The most prominent in the advertising industry is creativity. This is a creative product of a Korean design expert. Using light effects with materials such as mica, luminous paint, with the technology used is CNC sinking to create a product like this.
This product is suitable for display in a dark room to highlight the product.
Park’s BBQ – No. 27, Hoang Dieu 2 Street, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City
With a family-style design, a space that is both cozy and close, we have brought a new look to this Korean buffet restaurant.
Signboard made of Led Neon stand out, colorful, we have succeeded in attracting the eyes of others. From that, this brand will exist in customer’s brain. With this sign, everything becomes more vibrant and fresh.
Aluminum Signboard
Aluminum is one of the interior materials in the house. Aluminum is durable, lightweight, heat-resistant, very suitable for signboards,… With a simple, elegant but luxurious design, it helps customers feel comfortable when entering the shop.

Coffee shop braille sign

Coffee and milk tea are favorite drinks in Vietnam, not only because of the taste but also because of the enthusiastic service of the staff in the workplace. This is a drink suitable for all ages, including the elderly. However, the problem of how to meet the needs and expectations of customers for the company is still a big question mark.
Braille signage template for spa facility
Braille signage template for spa facility
You are looking for a company specializing in designing and making cheap advertising signs. You are a start-up company and need to find a company like An Phat to design advertising signs for your upcoming establishment.
We believe that with professional skills and enthusiasm, we will complete the tasks assigned to us by our customers. Please contact us directly for a consultation.

Quote for making advertising signs

Our company specializes in making cheap signs on demand in Ho Chi Minh City. Construction and installation on site, eye-catching designs and in accordance with customer requirements.
Beautiful embossed signboard template for coffee shops
Beautiful embossed signboard template for coffee shops
Hope you have a great experience with us!
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