Mica acrylic sheet is a kind of material for making boards and advertising products. With many outstanding advantages of it, mica board is chosen by many customers. Let’s learn about different types of it in the article below!

Mica Board
Mica board

Cheap mica board

It is mainly composed of mica acrylic sheet. People use a highlighter pen to write on the surface of the mica sheet. With creativity and the need to create new tools. It gradually has many changes in use and shape. The cost of making it is relatively cheap, so it is used a lot.

Fluorescent Board - Handwritten LED Board - Luminous Board
Cheap luminous ink mica board


– Smooth flat surface
– Flexible
– With 98% light penetration
– Waterproof
– Various colors
– Originated from Taiwan, China, Malaysia,…
Mica Board

Mica board Classification

It is classified according to its function. Most commonly, there are 2 types corresponding to 2 uses of it:
  • Used as a board in study and work
  • Used for decoration and advertising: with this type of board, it is often called a handwritten LED board, fluorescent board or luminous board,…

Mica board Specifications

In general, it consists of 4 main parts:
  • Board surface: Board surface is made of mica.
  • The frame is made of aluminum.
  • Legs: Usually made of stainless steel or wood. This part is usually not available on wall mounted boards.
  • Pen: Because the writing surface is made of mica, a specialized brush pen must be used.
Mica Board
Board surface

Some our products

Luminous LED sign
Luminous LED sign

This is the luminous LED sign used to advertise the services of the store.

Luminous Mica Sign

The bar uses Mica board to attract the customer. LED sign and luminous pen are the perfect combination.

Mica Board

The content and the color in the mica board is also important. They will make the mica board outstanding.

Frequently asked questions

Customers often ask questions about the mica board products such as:
Question 1: Does the company deliver to other provinces?
Answer: Yes. We accept orders and receive deliveries for customers.
Question 2: Does the product have a warranty?
Answer: Yes. Product warranty 12 months.
Question 3: Do you accept to make boards on request?
Answer: Yes. We accept handwritten boards upon request.
Luminous signs, beautiful led fluorescent lights
Luminous signs, beautiful led fluorescent lights

How to order

Customers can order by following the steps below.
How to order:
1. Contact
Customers can contact us through the information below.
2. Receive and process requests
We will receive and process consultation on requests.
3. Up details and order agreement
Orders of customers will be agreed upon by the customer
4. Order processing
Products will be manufactured according to the requirements to ensure quality sent to customers.
Contact via hotline/ Zalo: 05 66 76 76 79
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