Why called a Coffee light box?

Light box is an abbreviation for floating light box/ wall light box/ mica face light box and has many different names. But to summarize in general, people often know it through its name.
The reason it has so many names is because it receives a lot of trust from customers and business owners. Especially in the food industry. If you are the owner of a cafe, milk tea, bar, .. then this article is definitely for you!
You are opening a cafe shop, milk tea shop, .. and you are in need of advertising billboards for your shop? You don’t know how to choose a product with countless products on the market? You worried that the design is suitable with what you order or not? You wonder that the price is reasonable or not? Are you looking for a unit that makes quality and reputable coffee shop light boxes? All your questions today will be quickly answered through this article!

What is a coffee light box?

Advertising light box/ floating light box/ mica light box (also known as light box for short) is an advertising product that is compact, has many shapes and is easy to use as well as very cheap! Currently, floating light boxes are one of the most effective advertising solutions. This product has become very popular in recent years. Especially the F&B industry.
At Nguyen Long Idea, more than 80% of drink shops, milk tea shops are our customers who choose floating light boxes!

Why should shops use mica light boxes?

Mica light boxes are always the most effective and economical advertising solution. The cost is moderate, but the product is very affordable and can especially be used for a long time.
  • Durable, lightweight mica face withstands the harsh effects of the environment
  • Flexible and efficient use for both day and night thanks to the LED lighting system
  • Save space
  • Elegant, small and luminous design easily catches the attention of customers’ eyes
  • Easy maintenance and content replacement
  • There are many options to design the content for the board (decal printing, UV printing, ..)
  • Easy to shape following customer’s will
  • Good light penetration, up to 98%. It becomes perfect when combine with LED lighting system
  • The design is easy to disassemble and change the contents inside easily
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Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is one of the coffee brand in the world.

Why should you build a floating light box at Nguyen Long Idea?

  • Free design, consultation, quotation

The sales and design team will always welcome and support you with any request on issues such as design, printing, quotation, .. and especially completely free of charge.

  • Raw materials imported from source
All materials and equipment of the company are imported directly from reputable sources, so they will ensure the best quality and price for you.
  • Quick service
With only 4 quick ordering steps. You just need to sit at home and your products!
  • On-site installation support
We accept to install products on site for customers.
  • Delivery to your place
Nguyen Long Idea receives door-to-door delivery for customers far away and outside the province.
  • Accept wholesale and retail orders
With the company’s abundant resources. We can meet your needs whether it is 1 or 10 pieces. Especially, we will support the price for large quantity orders.
  • Quick warranty
If your light box is having technical problems, or product quality. Call Nguyen Long Idea to get it fixed right away!
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Nguyen Long Idea is your expert!

  • We are one of the most prestigious advertising agencies in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to the strength in advertising, our unit also accepts the construction of cafe light boxes of all kinds for customers who have needs.
  • Coming to Nguyen Long Idea, customers will experience the best quality products and services. Our joy is to create real value for customers.
  • We are committed to ensuring product quality to always satisfy customers – Say no to poor quality products and services.
Ordering process at Nguyen Long Idea standard is 4 steps
1. Contact, consultation, quotation.
2. Deposit, design.
3. Carry out construction according to the final sample.
4. Delivery, installation support, payment.

To receive a quote or request for advice, design and construction of cafe light boxes. Please contact us through the following information:

Hotline/ Zalo: 0935 090 469
Fanpage: Nguyen Long Idea
Address: 94 Kha Van Can, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District. City. Ho Chi Minh
For more information, please contact us:
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